A Complete Guide On Technical Tests: Everything You Need to Know

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If we had the ability to read people’s minds, hiring would be so easy. But obviously, that is impossible. The demand for tech talent is huge, so recruiters have a hard job finding the best candidates for the organization. They have to be sure not only of the candidate’s knowledge and skills but also to find out if they have the desire to join the company is real or false. This is the reason why recruiters use technical tests to assess the candidates.

What is a technical test?

A technical test is the best way for a recruiter to assess the candidate’s skills and abilities. There are different types of technical tests depending on the job position. With the assessment test, you can measure the candidate’s skills in coding, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, etc. The results of the test will show you if the candidate is suitable for the given position. However, another thing you must consider for the evaluation is technical aptitude.

What is technical aptitude, and what is his importance?

Technical aptitude shows the candidate’s creativity, intelligence, motivations, and desire. With technical aptitude tests, you can get more insight into a person’s abilities. HR recruiters are using this kind of test to narrow the number of candidates. More and more IT companies are using this test to find the personalities that match the specific position.

Applications and types of technical assessments

There are two types of technical assessments: coding technical test and non-coding technical test. The first one is to evaluate the candidate’s skills and abilities to code, and the second one is used to evaluate the candidate’s skills that are not related to coding.

Types of coding technical tests

 With the coding test, the hiring process for the recruiters will be easier, and there will be a small chance of choosing the wrong candidate. These are some of the coding assessment tools you can use:

  • Coding assessments (perfect automated online tools that make the hiring process simple and easier)
  • Coding simulators (are used for hiring experienced developers)
  • Coding interview platforms (AI-powered, digital coding environments that can simulate the technical elements of the interview)

 Two steps to set up a coding technical assessment

If you want to set up a coding technical assessment, you can do it by following the next steps.

  • The first step is to create a plan for hiring with a strategy
  • The second step is to find the right set of tools

Types of non-coding technical tests

 Non-coding tests are used to evaluate the person’s knowledge of a specific industry. These kinds of tests are not related to coding. These are some of the non-coding technical tests:

  • Sales assessments tests
  • HR assessments tests
  • Marketing assessments tests
  • Operations assessments tests
  • Customer support assessments tests
  • Accounting and finance assessments tests
  • Retail assessments tests
  • BPO assessments tests
  • Engineering assessments tests
  • Media assessments tests
  • Blue-collar assessments tests

How to set up a non-coding technical interview

To set up a non-coding technical assessment, you need to follow the next four steps:

  • First step: identify and define comprehensive competency frameworks
  • Second step: screening tests
  • Third step: report on assessment results
  • Fourth step: employers checklist


The tech market is highly competitive, so finding the best candidate can be challenging. The job of the HR recruiters has become crucial in that matter. Every company is in the market for top tech talent. HR recruiters need to be on top of their game to find the most qualified candidate for a given position.