Top Reasons to Add a Cognitive Assessment to the Hiring Process

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

In the past few years, particularly the last year, the implementation of a remote hiring process has been prominent worldwide. New electronic tools also became important parts of the process due to restrictions and lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Such tools like Skype, GoRemote, and online technical and soft skill assessments have earned valuable spots in being able to connect companies with highly skilled developers.

Online technical and soft skill assessments were another way for hiring managers and recruiters to evaluate the skillsets of their candidates. One type of assessment becoming increasingly popular is a cognitive assessment.

What is a cognitive assessment?

Cognitive assessments evaluate the mental capacity of candidates through a variety of subtests, which each focus on a different area. Some of those areas include:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Learning Agility

Learning agility assessments look at a candidate’s growth from previous experiences and how they apply what they learned to potential future experiences. They identify how well candidates can adapt, make fewer mistakes, use their situations to improve themselves as well as the companies they work for.

Top Reasons to Add a Cognitive Assessment to the Hiring Process

  • Simple to Give

The use of online platforms to give cognitive assessments decrease the time and cost of resources. A simple link is sent to the candidate and, once completed, will notify the company.

  • Decreases Time

Previously, assessments were given in person. Being able to give them online decreases time spent setting up an appointment time and manually presenting them.

  • Helps Prevent Mis-Hires

A large issue of mis-hires is that candidates weren’t a good match for the company. These online assessments help correctly evaluate their skillsets to ensure they fit the culture, mentality, and knowledge needed to fulfill the role.

  • Evaluate Potential Performance Levels

Cognitive assessments give recruiters and hiring managers an idea of the level of performance candidates could have if hired for an open position. Potentially knowing how well candidates can pick up new skills, interact with others, and follow directions are things these assessments assist with.

  • Isn’t Biased & Uses Data

Bias is a big issue with the hiring process. However, results from online assessments provide data hiring managers and recruiters could use to decrease or potentially eliminate bias.

  • Can Lead to Success

Using online cognitive assessments to bring in employees successfully can ultimately lead to success for the company. High-level employees with good cognitive skills could elevate the performance of a business, among many other aspects.


Online assessments have earned a place in the hiring process due to their benefits. There are also many different types of assessments, as well as ones for both technical and soft skills. While technical skill assessments are the most obvious choices, soft skill assessments like cognitive tests can be equally as significant.