What to Look For in an iOS Developer?

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The advent of app development has permanently altered the software business. The subject of mobile app development is full of never-ending discoveries and advances. Many companies are beginning to desire their own apps to offer a more simplified online experience.

This has resulted in a surge in need for iOS developers, as many organizations realize the importance of incorporating current technology into their operations and using the unique solutions it provides. Before you engage an iOS developer, you need first to understand what that term means.

What is the Role of an iOS Developer?

An iOS developer creates apps for mobile devices that use Apple’s iOS operating system. They should ideally be fluent in at least two programming languages used to create iOS apps. Objective-C and Swift are two examples. The developer should also be well-versed in the standard operating procedures governing the iOS platform. As a result, if you want to create an iOS app for your company, this is the first person you should contact.

iOS Developer Hard Skills

The choice to engage an iOS developer will be influenced by several factors. The developer’s grade, area of specialty, and relevant experience are examples of these. You should also be aware that iOS developers that have worked in specialized sectors are more likely to be ranked higher than others. For example, an iOS mobile developer who has executed projects in eBanking, eHealth, and Internet security gets a higher salary than those who have largely done eCommerce projects.

Aside from the industry in which a candidate has previously worked, there are some hard skills that all iOS developers should possess. These abilities will help them to deal with fundamental challenges and efficiently oversee the growth process. The following are some of the crucial talents to search for:

  • Experience with the Xcode IDE
  • A standard understanding of UI/UX
  • Understanding of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Language skills – Objective-C/Swift iOS
  • Advanced code versioning instrument proficiency
  • Practical knowledge of Core Data or Realm
  • It is advantageous to be familiar with Metal and OpenGL.
  • API knowledge and API integration skills are required.

So, these are some of the necessary hard talents for an iOS developer. As the iOS platform improves and expands into new areas like augmented reality, iOS developers may learn skills such as ARKit 3 and Reality Kit. When you employ an iOS developer that possesses these talents, you can expect them to provide next-generation experiences. However, because not all clients will require AR-based experiences, some of these talents may only be utilized seldom.

Soft Skills of an iOS Developer

Before hiring an iOS developer, you should consider factors such as cultural background, values, and professional work attitude, in addition to experience and skill set. These elements all have a role in determining whether or not a project will be a success. There are many competent developers, but some prefer to work alone and will not fit in well with a team. Gathering such people and attempting to integrate them with others may rapidly lead to misunderstandings, which will significantly impact development.

Your applicant should also possess the bulk of the soft skills listed below.

  • Approachable
  • Consideration for others
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Capacity to work as a member of a team
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation and self-presentation abilities
  • Persistence and diligence


When it comes to finding an iOS developer with appropriate experience, it’s like winning the lottery. If a developer has done similar-sized and organized projects in the past, they will need very little time to understand the demands of your project and move forward in the proper path.

When it comes to iOS developers, there are three major levels of experience. There are three types of developers: junior, middle, and senior. The primary distinctions between these three stages are based on how much experience a developer has working on various projects.

Junior iOS developer

When it comes to iOS developers, this is the least experienced or entry-level position. Many of these specialists have a basic grasp of iOS as well as all of the relevant frameworks. They may get their knowledge from universities or boot camps and development training.

While Junior iOS developers cannot manage full projects independently, they can assist senior developers and do minor jobs. It usually takes roughly four years for a junior to get to the mid-level or senior level. If you’re looking for someone to recruit for a project with a tight deadline, it might not be a good idea to hire a junior developer. If you are developing a permanent in-house team, recruiting an iOS developer who is just starting to learn from the more experienced team members is preferable.

Middle iOS developer

A middle-level developer will have worked on several projects. When looking for an iOS developer, someone designated as mid-level has at least 2-4 years of experience working as an iOS developer. This implies they can now manage projects from inception to finish on their own. They are also knowledgeable about the UI/UX app design process. A mid-level professional should be knowledgeable with the following, in addition to what a junior developer is familiar with:

  • They should be able to write apps in both Swift and Objective-C.
  • They should also be knowledgeable on Core Data, SQLite, and offline caching logic.
  • Significant experience with concurrency and asynchronous programming in iOS.
  • They should be familiar with Core Location, the store kit, and the map kit.
  • The mid-level developer should understand how push notifications function.
  • Finally, they must master how to sign apps and distribute them to App Store Connect.

Senior iOS developer

A senior iOS developer has been in the industry for more than five years. They have handled several projects and have completed the deployment procedure numerous times. A developer of this type is generally extremely organized and has great leadership abilities. Senior iOS developers deal with extremely complicated jobs regularly. They can also test, debug, and review code. Senior developers spend a significant amount of time doing the following:

  • Guiding crucial architectural decisions throughout app development, particularly on difficult features
  • Mentoring and counseling junior and middle-level developers
  • Structuring technical documentation needed for further application development
  • Outlining and managing development standards that are consistent with industry best practices and current trends
  • Conducting candidate interviews and vetting candidates for open positions
  • Creating employment criteria, goals, and deadlines.
  • Bring together development teams and design GitFlow.


We hope that the information in this post will assist you in locating and hiring an iOS developer that is a good fit for your needs. Remember to explicitly state the degree of skill required, as well as the criteria, credentials, and level of experience required.