7 Must-Have Skills for Python Developer Hires

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Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Python is an up-and-coming star in the programming language industry.  One of the main reasons it has been received so well is its wide tasks variety.  One can develop their app or site, analyze data, write scripts, write software or learn machines through Python. 

Using English keywords during the code writing process is another reason Python is so popular because it allows newbies to catch on quickly.  Even though it’s relatively easy to learn the language, it requires much more to develop a site or app successfully without the help of an expert.  Hiring a Python developer makes you able to debug, deploy, or develop any project.

Hiring a Python developer is usually necessary, even to those who easily learned the language.  Here are 7 must-have skills for developer hires.

  • Communication

The developer must have good skills at communicating in addition to the ability to write codes or syntaxes. Communication with the customer is key and regular updates are a must. They also must be able to discuss development with all necessary parties when developing software. 

  • Multiple Libraries

Your developer should be able to bounce back and forth between different Python libraries. This will allow for faster and more efficient task completion. Being versed in multiple libraries is a requirement for any developer.

  • ORM Aware

If a developer wants to excel regarding SQL use and wants to work efficiently for their client, they should be knowledgeable in regards to ORM libraries. This allows for automation for transferring data from databases to objects. 

  • Python Expert

It’s a given that a Python developer should be an expert. That being said, they should know the syntaxes and semantics of the language through and through. They should also be able to distinguish the difference between the different languages. An expert should be able to translate any type of coding to Python. Software development should be possible without the presence of any bugs.

  • Machines and A.I.

If Python is being used properly, the awareness of  A.I. and Machine Learning should be present. Every time data is collected an understanding of that data is necessary. 

  • Framework Knowledge

To be considered a python developer you should have a working understanding of the most frequently used frameworks like Flask, Django, or CherryPy. Which framework is used will vary from project to project so it’s important to have an understanding of them all. This allows the developer to focus more on the main logic instead of other issues.

  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3

A developer needs to be able to communicate with all facets of the developmental process including making sure the client-side lines up with the server-side. They need to have a working understanding of JavasScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Most of the time, there is a specialist on the team just for this purpose. However, it’s always better if the developer themselves have an idea of what’s going on in this department.