7 Must-Have Skills When Hiring An App Developer

Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

It’s a daunting task trying to determine if you’re hiring the best bet for the position, especially when it comes to app development. Because software development is the core of any company’s growth, it is critical to hire the right developer.  

In an industry with demands for new talents, it’s a tough task for HR or hiring managers to sort through the available talent. A certain set of skills should be the standard when dealing with the hiring of app developers.  

Developers with said set of skills are hard to come by. Competition is the main issue when it comes to hiring software developers. A large pool of companies is looking to grab any available talent. In regards to a remote position for onboard techs, developers are essentially competing with every other available talent out there. It’s every company for themselves trying not to miss the “perfect.” 

Here are 7 traits to be on the lookout for:

Artificial Intelligence is constantly developing, and this requires the skills of many sought-after developers to handle the increasing workload as AI continues to grow in popularity. People with the ability to deal with everyday tasks in an ever-changing industry are in high demand.

Machine learning has grown to 49 % of companies either actively using AI or considering using AI in the near future. Some of the skills required are Python experience, C++, and Amazon Web Services. 

These are the most sought-after skill sets. Because of the extra demand brought on as a result of COVID, AI seems to be the necessary solution.

  1. Structures and Algorithms 

Another important skill to possess is a working knowledge of coding. An expert developer will have a system in place and know how to address issues as they arise. The heart of the program comes down to algorithms and the structure of the app.  

When reviewing applicants’ skills, work that doesn’t require a lot of mistakes to address is a significant factor. 

Clear and well-written coding is a must. 

  • Learn New Languages

It is extremely important for developers to take the time to learn more than one programming language. Software development is steadily changing, and with it comes issues to address on multiple platforms. A good developer should have a little knowledge of languages while excelling in one in particular.  

  • Testing Basics

Developers used to write codes and pass them over to testers to sort out the bugs when they were done with it.  These days, both testers and developers work in more close quarters. Most developers are using what’s referred to as the “Agile” process. 

A developer must also possess a basic knowledge for testing such as black-box, white-box, unit, system, etc. If you’re dealing with a seasoned developer, they will want the software tested extensively so as to not miss any bugs. 

  • Different Systems

Each operating system has a unique way in which it works, and developers must have a working understanding of how each OS works. Having a member on your team skilled in this department will result in responding to issues that arise.

The three primary operating system developers are Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to that, developers must also be familiar with both iOS and Android in today’s technologically advancing world. Knowing how to use each operating system allows for easy identification of issues and quick resolutions. 

  • Integrated Development Environment 

Having an integrated development environment gives developers the ability to code, debug, write and modify their codes. A quality product and consistency within the coding are the results of this. To maximize the developers’ results and increase the code quality, IDEs are a fundamental essential. The relevant IDE absolutely must be known by the developer. 

  • Database

Database work is a key role for any developer. Creating, storing, inserting, updating, and deleting are of great importance. Database usage is almost always required when dealing with apps and software. This is another essential component.

There are many skilled developers in the market currently. The skills we just discussed should be greatly considered when choosing your candidate. Use these skills, and you could be on your way to creating a well-engineered application.