How to Hire the Best Game Developers

Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

The gaming industry underwent sustainable growth over the last couple of years, and the rise has enhanced even more due to the COVID-19 impact on indoor activities. Based on the data provided by NewZoo, the video gaming industry reached around $159.3 Billion in 2020. These changes have also impacted the demand for professionals in the area. It becomes more difficult for game companies to recruit a qualified engineer or designer as competition is quite high.
This article will offer you a quick guide to game development and will define the most important elements that you should be checking before hiring a game developer. We will also present you with different methods to finding dedicated game developers.

1. First, keep an eye out for enthusiastic developers.

In other words, make sure they like playing games. Even if you may believe it’s superfluous, picture what it would be like to have an uninterested game developer working on your project and always creating reasons to avoid the “storytelling” portion of the project. Someone uninterested in the product itself is not what you desire.

However much fun it is for the game creator to make a game, if they don’t enjoy the finished result, it might imply less effort and excitement. That’s a possibility, too.

Your “Skyrim” concept doesn’t need you to seek out enthusiastic supporters. But it’s preferable to hire game developers who are excited about what they’re doing rather than someone who squirms when testing the final product.

Make sure they’re not lying if the game developer says they enjoy particular games by asking about their favorite characters from those titles.

2. Portfolios are more important than traditional resumes in today’s market.

Game developers can be judged in many ways. A CV is not the greatest predictor of a candidate’s skill, but it might differ based on the professional you seek. If you’re making a large investment, you need to see evidence of their efforts.

In other words, what’s the greatest approach to judging a game developer’s abilities? This is what they do.

How much experience does the game developer have in the type you’d want to create? If so, was it ever used in any other game? They’ll all be noticeable on a resume. The developer’s adaptability and proficiency in a certain genre should be examined. Some people are better at making one style of game than another.

Make sure to play the games in the developer’s portfolio to get a firsthand look at their work.

3. Engage the Services of a Remote Game Developer

Finding a game developer who can work from home gives up various options. Why? In addition to having hundreds more alternatives, giving remote work is almost one of the most effective strategies to recruit top game developers.

The work-life balance that comes with working from home attracts the most talented people. Furthermore, it saves both the workers and the company money and time. A win-win scenario for all parties involved!

Also, who wants to settle for a local game developer when the ideal candidate may be located more than three thousand miles away? Why limit the options?

If you’re going to make a game, you’re going to spend a lot of money. Your progress won’t be hindered if you don’t rely on nearby resources and skills. Go worldwide or hire the greatest game developer for yourself in today’s globe.

Skills to Consider When Hiring a Games Developer

Hiring a game developer is all about assessing their abilities. Skills should be broken down into two categories: technical and interpersonal. a) Essential and b) a plus

The key competencies that job applicants must possess to be successful in their positions are known as “must-have” abilities. Creativity and personality attributes, as well as coding abilities, are all on the list. The “nice to have” abilities you appreciate but aren’t required for the position.

In general, the following are the necessary technical abilities for a game developer (although they may differ based on the position sought):

  • Knowing how to use animation tools in 2D and 3D
  • Knowledge of the game development pipeline
  • The ability to think critically and analytically.
  • Knowledge of two different game engines
  • An understanding of programming languages like C++ or Java
  • VR experience is a must.

How to Hire Game Developers by Asking the Right Interview Questions

Be very cautious when you get to the interview stage. This is the point at which you truly get to know the game creator. Asking questions that aren’t relevant might cost you the opportunity. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to make an informed choice.

  1. Name a few of the Android game development tools.

Among the words that should appear in your response are the following:

  • An integrated development environment is known as Eclipse (IDE)
  • SDK for the Android platform
  • Hudson – Tool for automatic construction
  • Plugin for Android Development Tools (ADT)

2. How do you keep up with the latest advancements in game development?

How a candidate responds to this question reveals how eager they are to grow and improve themselves. There is nothing worse than hiring a team of video game developers who are trapped in the middle of the last century. Use the platforms or sources they reference here to see whether they’re current and relevant.

3. You’re working from a distance, but how will you stay connected to your team and respond to real-time emergencies?

The response to this question will provide light on the candidate’s mindset. How open-minded are they in terms of communication? How do they deal with issues? Are they able to work well in a distributed team? Ideally, they will provide you with a practical and doable answer.

Just some of the questions you should ask to get a better sense of the game developer’s competence, personal traits, and mentality are included herein: If you’re planning to employ a remote game developer, you’ll want to ask a lot of questions.

  • What is the fundamental structure of a game?
  • There are three key parts to creating a game:
  • The game interface
  • The interface’s implementation
  • The source code of the game.

5. Which HTML5 Framework Game Engines Are Available?

Construct 2, Turbulence, CAAT, and Phaser are examples of HTML5 engines.

6. What exactly is a game loop?

The game loop is an essential part of game creation. It’s a good idea to keep track of the game’s progress and apply any required updates.

7. How do Blender Game Engine (BGE) and Unity3D differ?

Python and Logic bricks are the foundation of Blender. The scripting language used by Unity is based on JavaScript and C#, respectively.