Employing Coding Tests to Recruit Skilled Developers

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Photo by George Milton: https://www.pexels.com/photo/positive-young-woman-working-on-netbook-sitting-in-armchair-in-office-6953985/

Despite the tight job market, there are plenty of qualified tech candidates searching for their next position. In this article, we will show you why some companies use coding tests to boost the hiring of software developers.  

  1. Begin smarter – use pre-screening tests for basic programming skills

How did you conduct your initial technical screening when you hired a tech position last time? How many CVs did you read?

You can use the technology to do the screening next time by switching up this pre-screening test for coding. Since online coding tests are customized for each role, they can be used to determine how well a candidate would fit into the role.

Candidates are automatically filtered based on their coding skills and other competencies rather than made-up resume skills. Features such as pass thresholds are also your best friend here. By setting a minimum accepted score, your skills assessment platform will identify quality candidates based on their skills. You can save time by automating the initial filter with online coding challenges, so you can focus on the rest of your workflow.

  • Don’t rely on your decision just based on the CV – use a short programming test

A coding test online can reveal much more about a candidate’s abilities than a resume. Even technical interviews don’t give you the whole picture – don’t rely on experience or useless degrees. Coding assessments allow developers to share their skills and experience with you and hiring managers in a meaningful way.

  • Coding tests are fun for candidates

In addition to being fun, interactive, and intuitive, coding assessments also offer a wide range of skills challenges. Software developers love the gamification they deliver to the technical hiring process. It is difficult for recruiters to get hiring managers’ feedback, leaving candidates wondering what to do. As candidates can see their scores and compare them to their peers instantly, this isn’t a problem with online coding tests.

You can easily take online coding tests, set them up, and get the results. It’s also easier to source technical roles with gamification.

  •  Coding tests can be conducted asynchronously and remotely

Programming tests, as well as other skills tests, are completely asynchronous, giving everyone maximum efficiency. One test can be created and sent to hundreds or thousands of candidates, increasing recruiters’ productivity. Thus, candidates do not have to take time out of their day to take the test, and they can complete it on their schedule.

As a result, remote hiring is convenient because recruiters and candidates do not have to be aligned in time. Coding assessments allow you to build an effective hybrid workforce from candidates around the world.

You can use video meetings to assess candidates’ soft skills, problem-solving ability, and cultural fit, as well as to get to know them face-to-face.