Why Pre-Hiring Assessments Improve Your Candidate Application Process

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The high volume of applications that recruiters must review can introduce bias into the decision-making process. This bias can manifest in the form of favoring candidates with degrees from prestigious universities or experience from well-known companies.

Using pre-employment assessments can eliminate bias by providing all candidates with the same starting point and equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. When using assessment criteria to guide the interview process, the remainder of the recruitment process will also be more objective.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 36% of employers are very likely to consider a candidate who scores high on an assessment but does not meet the minimum years of experience. Providing a fair chance for candidates to showcase their skills and culture fit not only helps you identify qualified employees but also contributes to a positive candidate experience and improves your company’s employer branding.

Provide accurate data

Hiring managers often rely on their intuition when selecting the right candidate, but this can be difficult to explain to candidates who are not selected. Incorporating pre-employment testing can provide data to support the hiring decision.

A study by Talenthub found that 30% of applicants felt the reason for their rejection was not clear enough, and 20% wished companies provided better feedback on how they could improve in the future.

Providing constructive feedback to rejected candidates, especially those who were far along in the process, can help turn them into ambassadors for your company and keep them in your talent pool.

Reduced candidate time to hire

Prolonging the hiring process can result in losing top talent. A slow hiring process can have many negative consequences and is a common issue in recruitment. Using technical assessments can not only improve hiring decisions but also make them faster, as the data is clear and allows for easy comparison of multiple candidates.

More attractive to the candidate

While talent assessment tools and performance tests are not yet a common recruitment practice, companies that do use them are more likely to be remembered by candidates. If the test is enjoyable or engaging, it can create a positive impression in the candidate’s mind, increasing the chances that a qualified tech candidate will accept a job offer. In today’s competitive tech talent market, providing a positive candidate experience is crucial, and a smooth screening process can give you an advantage.

Improved hiring decisions

Pre-hire assessments and employment testing can provide recruiters with a more realistic view of how a candidate will perform on the job by simulating actual tech working conditions. This allows for better hiring decisions for developers as the assessment is more relevant to the actual job.