5 Tips for Technical Recruiting

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

When it comes to technical recruiting, it might turn out to be quite a challenge. You will need a set of certain skills, a lot of dedication, and a bit of luck to find the best tech specialist. No matter what your organization is, there are several things you should consider before starting the recruitment process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and yields the best results. 
Read on to find out the best tips for tech recruiting so that you maximize your chances to land the best candidate for your company. 

Perfect Your Job Description

The job description is crucial for the recruitment process so make sure yours is optimized to perfection. It will vary from organization to organization so you want to make sure it is the best one according to your specific needs. When hiring IT specialists, there are certain things to consider while writing the job description in order to land top talent.  

  • Introduce the company – it is important to clearly state your mission and key values in a well-presented and logical way. 
  • Mark responsibilities and present examples of any projects that might be included
  • Use the right language to attract the candidates you seek – this is important if you are looking for diversity and a certain type of talent. 
  • Require technical assessment to ensure that candidates can demonstrate the most valuable skills. 

Do not limit your search to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the most popular tool when it comes to recruiting. But since every recruiter is doing exactly the same your job offer might get lost in a sea of similar propositions. Especially if you tend to use the same qualifications as everybody else. Also, not every IT specialist is on LinkedIn, or they just might not be that active on social media.

Niche job boards have proved to be a goldmine not only for job seekers but also for recruiters. Depending on the position you want to fill, you could try browsing CVs through a job board.  Niche job boards such as Unicorn cater to very specific career types, making it easier than ever to find the specialist you were looking for.

Forget about qualifications

Of course, you want to find a qualified tech specialist. But requiring a certain qualification such as years of experience or a certain type of degree might not the best idea because it is not equal to having the needed skills the job demands. A candidate might have been working for years in a position but still never acquired the exact expertise you are searching for. And as for the degree they have – in the fast-moving world of technology that was taught in classes might be well-outdated by the time of graduation. Also, a lot of tech engineers are self-taught and by requiring a degree you might be missing on a candidate that possesses all the valuable skills and real-life experience. 

Include a technical assessment in the recruitment process

A technical assessment is the best way to evaluate the candidate’s skills, abilities, and expertise and it will provide a much better insight than a simple resume. It is important that your technical assessment is unbiased and not possible to be cheated.

Keep in contact with the candidates 

Each one of the candidates that applied for the job invested time and effort. Do not make the mistake to ghost them or not keep in touch, especially if the recruitment is taking a lot of time. The way you communicate is the first impression a candidate will get for your company so make sure it is the best one.

In summary 

Technical recruiting is a tough job but if you implement these helpful tips, your hiring process will become much easier and straightforward. Focus on having clear expectations and requirements stated in your job description, look for skills and expertise instead of qualifications, move beyond the resume and use a technical assessment, and you will have a top tech specialist hired in no time.