Incorporating Tech Assessments into the Hiring Process

photo by Creative Art

The hiring process in the tech industry has grown increasingly more difficult due to the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has collectively incorporated a new tool for hiring developers—online technical assessments.

By adding these tests to the list of criteria for finding the right developers as a hiring manager or recruiter, they can get a better understanding of a developer’s skills before bringing them into a business. This can also present a look into what kinds of tasks he or she might perform if they are hired.

Hiring managers and recruiters carry an important responsibility to make sure they are hiring developers that can contribute positively to a company. Unfortunately, to do this, a lot of time and effort must be spent alongside an extensive process. The tech industry is in desperate need of excellent developers since it has become an integral part of everyday life due to the global reliance on technology.

The Application Process

Previously, all applications were reviewed manually. This was before the adaption of AI screening tools. Those tools allowed hiring managers and recruiters to narrow down their pool of candidates based on certain criteria. Human error was much more likely back then as a result of biases and opinions. Once screening tools were implemented, time could be spent better by focusing efforts on extensive recruiting or interviewing potential employees.

Online Tech Assessments

These assessments have been heavily utilized within the past year specifically. Lockdowns and restrictions prevented in-person tests, making it harder for recruiters and hiring managers to observe a candidate’s skills. Pre-made online tech assessments could be given or customized to fit the skillsets required. There are plenty of websites where these tests can be accessed. Some even offer a fee for unlimited assessments, the ability to administer several at once, and being able to compare candidates’ answers. The possibilities with online tech assessments significantly increased the likelihood of hiring reliable, long-term employees.

While administering these assessments is an excellent tool, hiring managers and recruiters should be sure to inform their candidates at the beginning of the hiring process. Knowing what waits for a developer can increase trust and begin to build relationships. If any preparation is needed, it will allow them to do so before the online test stage. A few websites containing online assessments also have sample tests where developers can get a feel for what their tests will look like.


Tech assessments save time, help eliminate human error or bias, and can accurately gauge a developer’s skills. However, this is all under the direction of a hiring manager or recruiter. If he or she doesn’t know what kind of online assessment to give, that will cause a problem. The developer may be given a task or questions not related to the position. In the hiring process, not only does the developer need to make a good impression, the recruiter or hiring manager should as well. After all, transparency is just as important as knowledge.