How to Hire Software Engineers: 3 types of Technical Assessment

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One of the challenging things one can face is hiring a software engineer, which is because it is always hard to find the right approach to go about it most of the time. However, the starting point of most technical hiring processes include:

  1. Taking code tests
  2. Take-home technical assessment
  3. Live technical interviews

These guides are vital to hiring software engineers and determining final recommendations. Let’s have a quick run through them;

  1. Code tests

Code tests are automated assessments employed by technical recruiters to select candidates at the start of the hiring process. With these tests, candidates are required to write and run working codes as a solution to a question or set of questions. Most of the time, candidates complete this test via a mail invitation from the recruiter.

When is it advisable to use code tests for a technical assessment?

Code tests come in handy for large hiring programs for junior developers and University recruitment exercises for new graduates.

Take-home technical assessment

This form of assessment involves presenting the candidate with a coding problem and giving such a candidate some days or even weeks to get it done. This way, candidates get to use their personal programming niche. These tests are then reviewed and scored using an in-house software engineering team with specific competencies to grade the test or even grade it from their own wealth of experience.

When should take-home tests be used for technical assessment?

Take-home tests can be employed when it is detected that a candidate needs an alternative form of assessment. This could be so when a candidate needs to solve a problem without a time limit. In addition, it could come in handy when the recruitment team desires to screen candidates for developing works using their personal tools and infrastructure. However, take-home tests might be a big concern when factors such as noise, lack of time, candidates opting out, bias, and fraud are in place.

  1. Technical Interviews

This remains the most human-centered form of technical assessment. Ideally, it should not exceed one hour in its entirety and should use consistent interview questions, an interactive environment, and a video chat to facilitate such while the candidate codes. Interview rubrics mapped to the technical interview are used to provide recommendations. It describes competencies needed for a role, and then the candidate is scored based on them.

When should Technical interviews be used?

It comes in handy when an initial technical assessment has to be done to improve candidate completion rate while eliminating all negatives. This way, the software engineer saves time.

Considerations for using technical assessments to hire developers

  1. Put into consideration all the tasks the new hire will be saddled with
  2. Inform candidates about the type of assessment they would be required to do
  3. For junior developers, use code tests and live technical assessment.